How to get the job of umpire, coach or scorer? You will have to do these courses first, this is how you will get admission

ICC Training And Education Programme: The World Cup final will be played between India and Australia today. The eyes of the entire country are fixed on the team. In such a situation, many times this question comes in the minds of the youth that apart from the players, many other people join this game with the help of whom the game is completed. If you also want to start a career in other related fields like umpiring, scorer or pitch curator, then first get professional knowledge in this field. There are many methods for this and one of them is ICC’s training and education program. Know their details.

When was it launched

ICC’s training and education program was launched in the year 2021. Their aim was to create many coaches, umpires, scorers and pitch curators who could do good work in this field. Keeping this in mind, ICC offers many courses.

These courses are online

The special thing about these courses is that they are made available online. The candidate can complete these slowly according to his speed and pace. There is a test after completion of the course i.e. at the end of the module. If you pass the test then you are allowed to join the next module.

ICC Foundation Certificate

The first step to enter this field is ICC Foundation Certificate Course. Even those who do not have any experience and knowledge of this field can join it. This course is completely online and it is necessary to do it before gaining expertise in any other field. Here the basics become clear.

It is necessary to get this many marks

This course is divided into 6 modules. This includes games, safety and inclusion, participants, coaches, effective training sessions and game day. There is assessment after every module. Only those who score at least 75 percent marks are sent to the next module. Certificate is given after completing the course.

ICC Coaching Course Level 1

After this, the second course is ICC Coaching Course Level 1. Through this, technical knowledge etc. is given to the participants in the initial stages of cricket. Before doing this, it is necessary to do a foundation course. These are three module courses in which apart from online, face to face learning i.e. practical learning is also included. After completing this, the candidates get the certificate of ICC Certified Coach.

Apart from this, Creo Cricket Program Facilitator Training Course can also be done. This is an online training workshop. Through this, in-depth knowledge is given so that the candidate can become a pitch curator. These crickets learn about peach maintenance, renovation, soil, water, moisture, drainage, rolling etc.

Enroll here

To join these courses, you can register yourself on To know details you can visit These courses are free but fees are charged for some courses. You can see its details by visiting the website. About 90 countries are its members and recognize these courses. These courses are delivered in 9 languages. Details can also be seen from here –

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