Now if students do not come to school for 6 days, teachers will reach home…this is how attendance in schools will be increased

Various steps are being taken to increase the attendance of students in the council schools of Lucknow. Under this, a plan is being made in such a way that if a student remains absent continuously for a few days, then this should be discussed with his parents. Also, if this absence prolongs further, then the parents will be talked to on the phone first and later the teacher can visit their home. Apart from this, various methods are being adopted so that the attendance of students in schools can be increased.

Teacher will reach home

At present, about 60 percent students are coming to council schools every day. The efforts to call the remaining students to school have also been intensified. Under this, a plan has been made that if a student does not come to school for three consecutive days, the parents will be talked to on phone. And if he does not come to school continuously for 6 days, the teachers will go to his house.

If this is the reason for not coming to school

The teacher will go home and see what is the reason for not coming to school. If the child is not coming to school due to taking care of younger siblings, then his siblings will be admitted to Anganwadi centres. For this, the Anganwadi centers running in the campuses of all the schools have been converted into pre-primary schools.

If the child is not coming to school due to farming or other household work, then the teacher will explain to his parents the importance of school and education. In such a situation, children and their parents will be motivated to come to school daily by explaining the importance of school.

they will be respected

Children are being motivated in every way to increase attendance in schools. Under this, the names of five such schools of that block and their principals, where maximum number of students are present, will be written on the board installed in the office of every development block. Not only this, the principals of these schools will be honored in the block and district level meetings held every month.

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