If this is your first job, then take special care of these things, otherwise you may get worried.

Points to keep in mind in first job: Any work becomes special when it is done for the first time. The experiences related to it are remembered throughout the life. Something similar happens with the first job also. However, no one wants the first job to be one whose experiences are bitter. At the time of getting the first job, almost all the candidates often face such situations or people that they do not understand how to deal with them. In such situations, many times wrong decisions are taken and things get worse. By keeping these things in mind, you can avoid such situations.

be an observer

If you join any new place, first of all come in the role of observer. Speak as little as possible, do not react to anything and observe the people and the environment as much as possible. Open only after understanding the environment here to some extent. Don’t believe what anyone says about you, from your boss to your colleagues. Do your own assessment and don’t fit anyone into a pre-defined mould.

follow the rules properly

This is your first job and it is also your first chance to make an impression, so there should not be any mistake from your side. Come on time, leave on time and complete the work given on time. Reduce office hours but avoid things like extra working or taking work home or not taking time off to get into the good books. Keep one thing in mind that you will be dealt with according to the attitude you maintain from the beginning.

Be clear about your things that as long as you are in the office, you are completely dedicated but after leaving the office, you also have a personal life. Although it largely depends on the nature of your job, it will be better if you maintain work-life balance from the beginning.

Focus on work, not politics

This always applies whether the job is new or old. You focus on your work. Stay away from such things like who is doing what, what is not doing, when is he coming, when is he going, what is he saying about whom. In such a situation, a strong image of you is created which always remains with you. To move ahead, to get growth and promotion, rely only on work and your skills. Don’t dream of getting promotion by doing politics or buttering up seniors.

learn hard

In your first job, you are like a piece of sponge which is completely dry and which can be filled with plenty of water i.e. knowledge. Since you have little to no practical knowledge at this stage, work on it. Learn a lot and try to adopt new things. Take inspiration from the work of seniors and try to increase as much knowledge as possible by staying in touch with those who do excellent work in the office.

stay away from office gossips

In many places, as soon as a new employee arrives, the old employees either start including him in their group or sometimes start listening to him against others or the boss. Avoid such things and never become a part of gossip. If someone says something, listen quietly but do not react or judge anyone. Concentrate on work and stay involved in the learning process. It takes time to understand everything from work to office environment, boss and colleagues. Be patient and proceed slowly.

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