UGC: Alumni Connect Cell will be formed in universities and colleges, data of domestic and foreign students will be collected.


Alumni connect cells will now be formed in IITs, IIMs, universities and colleges. Data of domestic and foreign students will also be collected. Its objective is to benefit the current students of the institute from the experiences of the alumni and get help in campus placement. The alumni will interact with the students of the institute through video conferences, seminars or other programs etc. At the same time, we will also cooperate in the development of the institute, including making courses.

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The Union Education Ministry has planned internationalization of higher education under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Under this, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has also prepared guidelines regarding this.

In fact, experts believe that alumni are a strong pillar for any higher education institution. An active alumni association can also contribute to academic matters, student support as well as mobilization of resources, both financial and non-financial.

Connecting with alumni will enable the institute to utilize the services of alumni as brand ambassadors to showcase the strength of the Indian higher education system. Apart from this, alumni of foreign origin as well as Indian alumni living abroad will also campaign as brand ambassadors. Therefore, there is a need to connect educational institutions with alumni. Their contribution also needs to be given due recognition by creating suitable medium for brand building.

Support in curriculum, placement, training and internship also

Alumni can also be helped in courses, placement training, internship etc. Some alumni may be associated with industries. They can support new students in internship and placement before getting employed with them. Apart from this, based on market demand, they will also be able to contribute by adding new subjects in the curriculum etc.

Complete information will be available by collecting data

The purpose of collecting alumni data is to collect information about alumni name, year of study, past and present address, job, occupation, etc. Through this, different groups of students can be connected by forming different groups according to their occupation and job. For example, from students of science, arts and commerce. This will help in adding new students based on their choice and work. A group message and email should be used to connect all the alumni with their former institute, so that all the information can be sent to them.

Connect with community service programs

Alumni should also be involved in community service programs. In this, various community service programs can be started for the people in the areas, villages etc. surrounding the institute. In this, former students should be connected with new students. By supporting these programs financially, they can join various welfare schemes for education, health, agriculture and women.

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