IIT Bombay’s popularity continues among JEE Advanced toppers, know why 533 toppers chose Powai campus?

IIT Bombay: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) has been the most popular IIT among JEE Advanced toppers for the last few years. More than 40 students have preferred IIT Bombay every year in the top 50 rankers since 2018. According to the data, 46 students among the top 50 rankers chose IIT Bombay in 2023 and 2022. Whereas, 42 students among the top 50 rankers in 2021 and 2019 chose IIT Bombay. Whereas in 2020, 41 students and in 2018, 47 students chose IIT Bombay.

According to the information, 46 students out of the top 50 rankers chose IIT Bombay in 2023. At the same time, 67 students appeared in the top 100, 90 in the top 200, 175 in the top 500 and 245 in the top 1000. The trends have been similar for IIT Bombay in these categories over the years.

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According to the data, while at least 40 students among the top 50 rankers have chosen IIT Bombay every year since 2018, more than 57 students among the top 100 rankers have chosen IIT Bombay. The number was 63 in 2016 but dropped to 57 in 2017 and 59 in 2018. In 2019 it once again increased to 62, in 2020 it once again decreased to 58 and then again increased to 62 in 2021. 68 and 67 students (out of the top 100) chose IIT Bombay in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

According to the data, the total number of seats filled by the top 1000 rankers has also seen several fluctuations since 2016. In 2016, IIT Bombay was the first choice of 401 students (among the top 1000 rankers), which decreased to 395 in 2017. In 2018 it increased to 542 and then to 597 in 2019. Although it decreased to 488 in 2020, it once again increased to 657 in 2021. It will decrease to 529 in 2022 and then to 533 in 2023.

The year that saw the biggest decline in the last eight years is 2020. Only 41 students among the top 50 toppers in 2020 had chosen IIT Bombay. At the same time, in 2020, only 58 students out of the top 100 chose IIT Bombay. This figure was down from 62 students in 2019 and 2021. Similarly, the number of students among the top 500 choosing IIT Bombay decreased from 145 in 2019 to 108 in 2020 and then increased to 167 in 2021.

IIT Bombay is also known for its placements. IIT Bombay’s recent placement season saw around 400 recruiters offer over 1500 jobs to students in the first phase. The number of job offers here has been increasing since 2017. Around 1114 jobs were offered in 2017 which increased to 1,112 and 1,319 in 2018 and 2019. After this, it increased to 1,878 in 2021 and reached 1500 in the first phase in 2022.

Even the average salary has seen a steady increase over the last five years. The average salary for the 2017 placement season was Rs 11.41 lakh per annum. Whereas it increased to Rs 18.5 lakh per year in 2018 and then to Rs 10.34 lakh per year in 2019. However, due to the Corona epidemic, there was a slight decline in 2020 to Rs 18.40 lakh per year.

However, after this the salary for placement in IIT Bombay increased again and became Rs 22.7 lakh per year in 2021. At the same time, in 2022, at least 25 students got a package of more than Rs 1 crore.

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