Let us know whether degrees from foreign institutions will get the same importance as degrees from Indian institutions.

Foreign Degrees In Indian Institutions: Foreign institutions can come to India and open their campuses and students who cannot go abroad and study can take degrees from here. In this regard, UGC had issued guidelines long ago and made it clear on what basis foreign universities can open campuses in India. What will be its standards, what will be the conditions and what things will have to be maintained. UGC had issued guidelines on internationalization of higher education in the year 2021.

This question is not ending

According to the report of The Hindu, many educators are asking whether the UGC will accept the degrees offered by foreign universities. Will the degrees awarded by them and the degrees awarded by Indian Institutes be considered equal?

what was the rule

Let us tell you that in the year 2021, UGC had issued a regulation under which foreign universities were given the freedom to collaborate with Indian Higher Educational Institutes for various types of programs. These were twinning joint, dual degree program etc. It was also said that the degrees obtained from here will be exactly equal to the degrees obtained in Indian Institutes. Students doing courses from here will be given absolutely equal rights in higher education and employment. As it is given to the candidates studying from Indian Institutes.

What is the latest update?

Recently, UGC has clarified things by issuing a regulation in this regard. In this order released on November 8, it has been said that there will be no difference of any kind between these degrees and the degrees obtained from Indian Higher Educational Institutes. Neither will they have to fulfill any standard to be equal nor will they need any kind of authorization.

However, at some places, educators still believe that when such a provision does not come under the UGC Act, then how has this regulation been released. In fact, the UGC Act 1956 says that only those institutions which have been constituted by the State Legislatures or Parliament or which are deemed to be universities can grant degrees.

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