SAFALTA TALKS Master Class: Youth should not hold back from learning new things: Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani

SAFALTA TALKS Master Class: Youth should not hold back from learning new things: Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani

Success Talk Master Class Importance Of Skills Along With Degree – Photo: Amar Ujala


The chief guest in the master class organized by on the importance of skills along with degree was Prof. Director of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur. Ram Kumar Kakani said that a person should do only one thing at a time. He said that I work on the saying ‘When I work I play and when I play I work’.

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Youth should take only that information which is necessary for them.

If you look at the world and overall trends, you will realize that today information is becoming overloaded. The youth will have to cut this information load. Youth should take only that information which is necessary for them.

Don’t miss new opportunities in pursuit of government job

HR practices are changing. Nowadays people work everywhere. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence etc. new sectors are opening up. If you think that I only want a government job, I have to go to the place where my father or grandfather worked. Due to this you will miss out on many new opportunities.

Youth should not hold back from learning new things

He said that Facebook did not exist 20 years ago, but today it is providing jobs to more than 1 lakh people. What was Google there 30 years ago, but today Google has so many employees that they can be equal to the army of any country. So the new sectors that emerge typically reside in new places. Therefore, I would say that do not hold back from learning new things. Keep learning something new slowly along with work. Then move forward in whatever you like. Because when we do not know about new things then we keep sitting with old things. The youth must watch some newspaper or TV channel to know what is happening in the world. With this you will continue to get information about new upcoming sectors. He said that cloud based consulting is very popular today. 10-15 years ago no one in MBA could even think about cloud based consulting. People are working from one country to another in cloud based.

Youth can increase their intelligence through experiential learning or understanding things.

In response to another question, he said that intelligence means that you will carefully observe and observe new things. Obviously your intelligence will increase. The same thing in skill development is that you observe and analyze things carefully. Even if you are a delivery boy. If you seriously understand and observe people, your intelligence will definitely increase. The new education policy also states that you can increase your intelligence through experiential learning and not just by rote learning.

India has been working towards becoming skilled for 10 years

On the question of giving importance to the skills of children at the school level in Japan and America, Prof. Kakani said that I think it had started in India also a decade ago. If you look at Paytm, Urban or many such companies, they have become unicorn companies and can be placed in the A+ category. He said that not only dot com companies, companies are also doing better work on climate change, sustainable development etc.

Establishment of Tea Hub is a commendable work by Telangana Government.

Pro. Kakani appreciated the Telangana government for setting up the Tea (Telangana) Hub in the Telangana state. 4000 companies have set up their offices in this tea hub. Here the student should only have an idea. Funding companies, law companies and many other types of advisory services are also available to the students here. He said that in the coming 10 years, I would not be surprised if this T-hub surpasses the startup hub Silicon Valley. Companies like Mercedes, Microsoft, Google, Rolls Royce have set up their offices here.

You can become a champion in short term by using Chat GPT

Regarding the impact of AI on the upcoming workforce, he said that in the coming time, some old skills will become less important and the demand for new skills will increase. As it happens every 20-30 years. He said that AI will help a lot in areas like multilingual skills and cross-cultural skills. Apart from this, if in your job skill you are repeating the same work again and again. Like job of guard in ATM. It doesn’t have a very good future. One who knows how to use Chat GPT can become a champion in short term.

Youth are continuously using AI tools and their thinking power is becoming weak.

Due to the continuous use of AI tools, people are losing the ability to think for themselves. Get used to things like Chat GPT that are giving you instant answers to any questions. They are blunting your ability to think and understand. I have also seen this in some students who use devices a lot. He said that AI and ML are very good but do not use them so much that you forget to use forward-looking thinking. Due to which you are not able to differentiate between good and bad.

Daily activities include listening to English podcasts, reading English papers, magazines, talking to friends in English.

Those youth from small towns who go to metro cities and are not able to get jobs in big companies because of English. Prof. on those who are not able to get better salary. Kakani said that the youth should keep English podcasts playing in their daily routine and during daily activities. Read an English book. Watch English news, read English papers, magazines. Talk to friends in English.

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