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Higher Education In Egypt: One of the many countries where students turn for higher education is Egypt. It is considered a good nation from the point of view of education. Studying here not only improves educational qualifications but also gives deep knowledge of the rich culture here. The ranking of the universities here, the study environment and the number of international students are some of the reasons why people want to come here to study. Here tuition fees etc. also seem comparatively less. Today let us know about the best universities of Egypt.

Study is cheap, living is expensive

The cost of living in Egypt is quite low compared to other study destinations. Any student can calculate the living cost for around 200 Euro i.e. 20-25 thousand rupees. In which accommodation here is expensive. The tuition fees of most of the universities here are less as compared to the universities of other countries.

These are the top universities here

Cairo University

Mandsaur University

Ain Shams University

Alexandria University

Kafrelsheikh University.

How to get admission

Before taking addition in any course here, it is better that you do a pre-course related to that course. Like pre-MBA, pre-law, pre-medicine etc. This will help you in taking admission in the program of your choice here. There are entrance exams in most places.

Apart from this, one should not only have good knowledge of English language but also have a certificate related to it. It is necessary to pass any exam like TOEFL, IELTS. However, visit the website of whichever university you want to take admission in and read the details first because their requirements may be different.

How is payment done?

Unlike other countries, in Egypt tuition fees have to be paid for every credit hour. Generally a degree course is completed in 15 to 20 credit hours but it depends on many things like the course and the university. For example, in Cairo University, one has to pay 600 Euros i.e. about 53 thousand rupees for one credit hour. In some places the expenditure is also less.

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