SAFALTA Talks Master Class: To be successful, it is important to have will along with skill: Shiv Kheda

SAFALTA Talks Master Class: To be successful,it is important to have will along with skill: Shiv Kheda-safalta

Success Master Class Current Education System – Photo: Amar Ujala


While addressing the students on the topic of current education system through, famous speaker and writer Shiv Kheda told about the initial failures of his life and how he came out of them by bringing changes within himself. Emphasizing what Dr. P said, he said that the problem is a symbol of life. As long as human life lasts, problems remain. He called the prayer of Dr. So much intelligence that I can tell what I can change and what I cannot change.

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Don’t put your energy into things you can’t change

He asked the youth whether everything is in our hands. Can we use everything by changing it as per our wish? No. He said that some decisions in the world are not in our hands. Just as one cannot choose one’s parents, you also cannot decide where I will be born. You can’t even decide what my complexion, height and weight will be. That means there are many things that cannot be changed. There are many people in the world who keep fighting all their life with those things which cannot be changed and start taking stress in their life and become unproductive, dependent on others and do nothing. He said that with this thinking in mind, I have written a new book, You Can Achieve More, two steps ahead. Kheda said that in this book I wrote that life is a decision and life is also a compromise. He said that if you eat too much then you invite obesity, if you smoke cigarettes you invite cancer and if you behave rudely with someone then they decide that the other person will behave worse with you too. Are. We are all free until we take a decision. After that our freedom ends and judgment takes control of us.

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A person does not become successful by doing good work occasionally, for success one has to repeat good works continuously.

In response to the question whether those who are successful do not make mistakes and do those who fail do not do good work, Shiv Kheda said that no person has failed by making a mistake once. Man fails by continuously repeating his mistakes. Similarly, a person does not become successful by doing good work occasionally. A person becomes successful only by repeating good deeds. He said that your positive decisions make you successful and negative decisions make you unsuccessful. While sharing one of his memories, he said that when I was working in an insurance company, the manager scolded me and explained. This did not mean that the manager was wrong. This means that sometimes one has to be harsh to do good to others.

Youth should focus on earning and not on making money.

He told about the plan that all my appointments are booked a week in advance. If you do not make any preparation in advance and wake up in the morning and think about what I will do today. Then you will not have a job. He asked the youth to set their goals and said that if you do not have any destination then how can you reach any destination.

Clarifying the difference between making money and earning money, he said that making money is a crime and earning money is religious. He called making money as theft and earning money as honesty. He said that when you earn money, you work with your energy and values. He said that in today’s time most of the people want to make money and not earn, this is a sad thing.

To be successful, it is necessary to have will along with skill.

Shiv Kheda said that to be successful, not only skill is necessary, it is also very important to have will along with skill. To change the society, moral education and character development along with education is necessary. He said that faith leads a man to success but not superstition. Therefore one should not be superstitious.

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