After doing this course you will also become a seismologist

Due to the daily imbalance in nature, earthquakes are occurring more frequently. Due to which devastation is taking place, people are losing their lives. Only a seismologist can find out the reason behind why this happens. There is a need for this in today’s times. You can become a seismologist. Let us know which course you should do for this…

An earthquake scientist is called Seismologist. To become a seismologist, one has to do not just one but many courses. Like Geophysics, Geology, Earth Science. It is important for you to have knowledge in these courses. You will have to appear for some entrance exams for this course like JEE Advanced or JEE Mains. You will also have to do Physics Chemistry, BTech Geotechnical Engineering or BSc Geoinformatics bachelor course. You are also doing PG in these subjects.

If you want to do MTech in Earthquake Engineering, then you can take admission in the two-year MTech course through entrance examinations held at national and university level. For MTech, candidates take knowledge of subjects related to Earth and earthquake. In this course, candidates do research. They investigate how earthquakes affect buildings and other infrastructure and how this destruction can be prevented.

You can work in these institutions. After doing this course, you can work in departments like Research Institute, Petroleum Industry, Geothermal Power Industry, Nuclear Research Centre, Construction Sites, Mining, Telecommunication, Government Organization, Meteorological Department.

Salary can be up to five lakhs

There is a lot of demand for jobs in this field. Therefore, the requirements and possibilities in this course are high and the candidate gets a good salary. Individuals in this field can expect to earn between INR 5.98 LPA and INR 12 LPA. Increments are made according to seniority.

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