Who checks AQI, what study is required to go into this field? know

Delhi’s schools have been closed for two days due to pollution. We often see that with the onset of winter, Air Quality Index (AQI) is discussed again and again. When it crosses the danger level, necessary steps are taken in this regard. There are many parameters on the basis of which AQI is decided. This is discussed a lot but have you ever wondered who measures it, who draws the attention of the government and the public towards the increasing pollution in the environment. Whose responsibility is it to take steps in this direction? Today we know the answers to such questions.

Want to make a career in this field?

If you are also concerned about increasing air pollution and many other factors affecting the environment and this area is of your interest, then there are some places where you can work. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change works for the protection of environment, climate and forests. Under this, many people get work and do a lot for the environment.

This was a ministry but if we talk about the most active organization in this series, it is the Central Pollution Control Board. CPCB works on every small and big aspect related to pollution and environment. National Center for Disease Control also comes in this sequence.

These and other institutions are

Apart from CPCB, the places where work is done in this field are – India System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board, IQAir, West Bengal Pollution Control. Board, Central Pollution Control Board 2, AirNow, Purple Air etc. There are different institutions in every state which work on things ranging from AQI to other environment related matters.

Jobs come up from time to time

From Central Pollution Control Board to National Center for Disease Control and in state level agencies, jobs keep coming up for many posts from time to time. Broadly speaking, according to the post, there are jobs for students of both the branches of science i.e. Bio and Maths, but mainly this field can be said to be for the students of Biology.

do this study

If you want to make a career in this field, then biology background will help you. You can enter this field with Bachelor’s degree and PG Diploma in Environmental Science. Although one has to pass the entrance examination to get a job in all the institutes, these degrees are necessary to be eligible. Whereas for the post of CBPC Scientist, candidates with Bachelor’s degree in Civil, Chemical, Environment, Computer Science and Information Technology can join. A degree in Environmental Engineering helps.

This field is for these candidates

You can fulfill your dream by working as a pollution control officer. Similarly, to get a job in National Center for Disease Control, you can do courses like MBBS, MPHS, MSc in Epidemiology, Diploma in Public Health. This field is mainly for candidates from science and biology background.

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