NMC will form a committee to decide what should be the guidelines for live surgery.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) will form a committee to find answers to the questions related to live surgery, i.e. what should be the guidelines for live telecast of surgery. In fact, many surgeries are telecasted live in medical conferences and workshops to educate doctors and medical students about new surgical techniques, but this is also being opposed. A petition has also been filed in the Supreme Court saying that live telecast of surgery can distract the surgeon’s attention and can also prove to be a danger to the patient. There are many such questions before NMC, the work of finding answers to which will be done by the committee of experts. Guidelines can also be decided on the basis of the recommendations of this committee.

Dr. Yogendra Malik, head of media division of NMC and member of the Ethics Medical Registration Board, says that new techniques of surgery are coming in the country and abroad. NMC is forming a committee on questions related to showing live surgery in conferences etc. At present, there are no clear guidelines regarding live telecast of surgery. Experts say that from the point of view of medical education, live telecast of surgery is beneficial for the practicing doctors and they get a chance to learn about new techniques of surgery. But, due to the distraction of the doctor performing the surgery, he may also make a mistake. Keeping these aspects in mind, some guidelines should be prepared, in which the patient’s consent must be there.

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