Report: Most students from Punjab and Telangana go abroad for higher education, these problems cause concern

Punjab, Telangana, Maharashtra top states from where students go abroad for higher studies report

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Most of the students from Punjab, Telangana and Maharashtra go abroad for higher education. In the year 2022, 13.24 lakh students and in the year 2019, about 10.9 lakh students went abroad for higher education. This has been revealed in the recent Indian Student Mobility Report-2023 of Beyond Beds and Boundaries. It is estimated that by the year 2025 the number of students going abroad will cross 20 lakh.

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According to the report, about 12.5 percent students from Punjab, Telangana and Maharashtra have gone abroad for higher education. 8% each from Gujarat, Delhi-NCR, Tamil Nadu, 6% from Karnataka and about 33% students from other states have gone abroad. However, now there has been a slight difference in the trend of students going abroad for higher education.

Earlier, the first choices of Indian students were America, Britain, Australia and Canada, but now their inclination is moving towards Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Singapore, Russia, Philippines, France and New Zealand. The number of students going abroad has increased by about seven percent during the year 2019-22. The problems of students going abroad have also been underlined in the report. The biggest problem is that most of the students take admission abroad without homework. They do not have correct information about the respective universities and courses in higher education. There are problems ranging from accommodation, food to understanding the language and culture.

60% students go abroad for postgraduate degree

Among the students going abroad for higher education, 60 percent are pursuing postgraduate studies. 33 percent students graduate, while only two percent students go on to study diploma and five percent professional certification courses.

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