These are those five jobs of the year 2024, in which money will rain heavily!

Jobs of 2024 with good income: With the arrival of the new year, the search for new possibilities starts in almost all fields. There is still a little time left for the year 2023. In such a situation, it is natural to discuss the biggest topic of youth, job. With changing times, many changes are seen in the job sector also. It also comes to light that there are some sectors in which there will be good earnings in the coming time. Looking at the trend, there are some jobs which can provide good income in the coming years.

blockchain developer

There can be good growth in this field in the coming years. You can earn good income as a blockchain developer. They are in demand in both private and public sectors. They look after many tasks like currency transactions, internet connectivity, data security and handling. In this field, one can earn from Rs 8 lakh per year initially to Rs 45 to 50 lakh per year.

machine learning engineer

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and its demand has increased a lot in the industry. AI and ML are among the highest paying jobs in India. They do statistical analysis, develop ML programs and fulfill many needs of the business. In this field one can earn Rs 10 lakh initially and later Rs 45 to 50 lakh.

business analyst

This also comes among the high paying jobs of India. They analyze business processes, understand the systems and work on how performance can be improved. They get work in companies like Microsoft, Wipro, Amazon. They can also earn from Rs 8 lakh annually in the beginning to Rs 40 lakh later.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are those who develop new software applications in collaboration with IT teams and software engineers. These work for effective software delivery. Their technical knowledge is amazing; they work with software developers, operation teams and business leaders. Their salary can initially be Rs 8 lakh per year and after a few years of experience, it can go up to Rs 30 lakh per year.

investment banker

Investment banker is a field which is bound to boom. They are experts in their field and not only give investment advice to companies but also take care of it. Knowledge of correct investment and finance keeps them in demand. They work with big international banks. Their salary can also be up to a maximum of Rs 40 lakh. There may be a difference in salary, take this as a tentative information as it depends on many factors. This includes your degree, experience, company and position and much more.

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