NMC: Taking admission on additional seats in the name of EWS is wrong, Commission’s instructions to all medical colleges

NMC: Taking admission additional seats name of EWS wrong, Commission instructions to medical colleges

National Medical Commission
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The National Medical Commission has instructed the medical colleges of the country to properly follow the economically weaker i.e. EWS quota. On Friday, the Commission has written a letter to the directors of all the medical colleges saying that the Central Government has fixed 10 percent reservation for the students of EWS category.

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This does not at all mean that admission should be done by increasing additional 10 percent seats. At present, admission can be given on reserved seats only out of the number of seats sanctioned by the Commission for MBBS course.

Cited EWS quota

A senior official of the Commission said that some medical colleges also took admission of students by increasing the sanctioned MBBS seats by 10 per cent. When he was asked the reasons, he cited the government’s EWS quota.

This process is completely different from the rules. Giving an example, the officer said that if a medical college has permission for admission to 100 MBBS seats, then 10 percent of these seats can be given to EWS students. Apart from 100, 110 seats cannot be added in the name of EWS.

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