What is ‘One Nation, One Student ID’, why is Apaar Card necessary for students?

What is Apaar Card: After Aadhaar Card, now preparations are being made to make Apaar Card for students. These cards will be only for students and after their creation, they will be able to avail many benefits from it throughout their life. Its theme is One Nation, One Student ID i.e. only one type of ID for students in one country. The Union Education Ministry has sent a message to the states in this regard. Under this, students will be enrolled by the schools with the consent of the parents. Before proceeding further, let us know its full form.

What is immense?

Its full form is Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry which will be known as AAPAR in short. It can also be called Education Ecosystem Registry or ‘EduLocker’. This process will also be adopted under NEP i.e. National Education Policy 2020.

Some time ago, the head of NETF (National Educational Technology Forum) had talked about creating a system which would include the entire education system. That means teachers, students, colleges and schools, everything. The result of this can be called Apar Card.

how will it work

Apar Card will be a unique identification number for every student. It can be used from pre-primary to higher education. Through this, all the data related to the student will be available at one place which can be accessed anytime through the Apar card number. Student’s result, college, school, achievements, everything will be available at one place. Broadly speaking, this will be the complete record of the student’s academic journey.

From Olympiad to any special training or anything else that the student has done, all this data can be known through it. With its help, whether the student has to change school or college, everything can be done easily and it will work in every part of the country.

Schools will have to take responsibility

Schools will have to bear the responsibility of enrollment in Apar card. They will create an Aapar card for their child with the consent of the parents and whenever the parents want, they can withdraw their consent and get the child’s data removed from it. However, the government has assured that this data will not be used in any wrong place. But people are also raising questions regarding data security.

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