UGC launches WhatsApp channel, now you will get instant updates

UGC Launches WhatsApp Channel: UGC has taken another step in the world of technology and started WhatsApp Channel. With this, information will be easily available to everyone. This method of staying connected can work better than other methods because today almost everyone has WhatsApp installed. Everyone uses it and messages spread faster here than anywhere else. This source can be best used to deliver important information to the masses in a short time. Students, teachers, higher educational institutions, everyone will benefit from this. Crucial information will reach the target audience in real time.

What does the UGC Chairman say?

Regarding this, UGC Chairman Jagdish Kumar says that UGC WhatsApp channel is a direct way to communicate with the people of this area in the field of higher education. This is an important step which will benefit everyone. Through this the latest higher education news will reach everyone. On this occasion, he tweeted and also shared the QR code. This channel can be followed by scanning this QR code. The UGC Chairman also shared the link of the WhatsApp channel. This will promote transparency.

Everyone will be able to stay updated

With the use of this modern technology, UGC will be able to easily communicate with a large group and the necessary information will reach the target audience in a very short time. WhatsApp channel is used on such a large scale that the benefits derived from it cannot be denied. One benefit of this will also be that the information shared will be authentic.

How will joining happen?

To join UGC India’s WhatsApp channel, first go to your WhatsApp. Here go to the Updates section and write UGC India. As soon as you do this, you will see the WhatsApp channel of UGC. Follow it and get latest updates from here.

You can also click on this link to join WhatsApp channel.

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