Check your resume today, if this thing is written then remove it immediately! Otherwise you will keep getting rejected

Mistakes To Avoid While Making Resume: The first step to get any job is a good resume. If the employer is not impressed by this then the matter does not proceed further. Therefore, it becomes very important that your resume is not only impressive but also mistake free. When we talk about mistakes, then mistakes are not only of spelling or grammar but there are some points which should be completely avoided while writing the resume. Today let us know about such important points.

personal information

Personal information is given in the resume but only to a limited extent. Don’t fill it too badly with your personal information and accomplishments. Even if you have achieved a lot, write only what is most important in less words. Do not include too much of your hobbies, detailed information of each of your major classes, etc. Never make the mistake of including a photograph in your resume. This gives a very bad impression. Do not write long unnecessary things.

Do not fill in too much information

Do not give so much information in the resume that the reader gets bored just looking at it. Whatever you write should be crisp, to the point and highlight the best traits of your personality or achievements. Too much information makes your resume weak. Also pay attention to your language, it should not be too complicated or decorative. Do not forcefully write what is not there.

Don’t say anything negative about your old employer.

Many times people also include a cover letter along with the resume. In this, they also try to mention or give reasons for leaving their old job. Avoid this and do not speak or write negatively about your old company, employer or environment in your resume or interview. This will spoil your impression in the beginning.

presentation should be sober

Apart from not writing the resume with overly decorative language, do not make it too decorative in appearance. Avoid things like using different types of fonts, adding many colors, making fonts big, small or italic, making tables etc. It should be a simple, sober, concise and clear piece of information written in clear language that gives accurate information about you. There should not be any kind of mistake in it and everything from spelling to grammar should be correct.

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