If you are a student of History then try your hand in these fields, you will earn lakhs.

Career Options For History Students: What career options do the students of History subject have and in which fields they can go after completing their studies? If this question also arises in your mind, then we give you the answers to these questions. To earn good income after completing studies in History or to make a good career in any field, it is necessary that the candidate has at least a Master’s degree. After this, avenues for a good career open up. They can work in many fields ranging from law, journalism, museums, global charity.

There are three main parts

History subject can be mainly divided into three parts – Archaeology, Museology and Archival Studies. After taking a degree in History, you can do specialization in any of these three fields. The specialization done by them at PG level opens the way for good earning.


Their work is field related and research based. However, there are many branches in which specialization can be done. For example, if you want, after coming into this field, you can become an expert in studying coins or become an epigraphist who understands the inscriptions. There are also government jobs in this field which the Archaeological Survey of India keeps releasing from time to time. Here one can easily earn Rs 5 to 8 lakh per year in the beginning and Rs 10 to 15 lakh per year later.


As the name suggests, they work on things like design, organization and management of the museum. Their work is full of research, administration and public relations. Master’s degree can be taken in this field and after that one gets good job chances. After completing this course, one can easily earn Rs 10 to 15 lakh per year. Starting salary may be less.

Museum Curator, Archivist and Historian

Museum curators are experts in natural history, textile painting etc. This field requires an artistic and aesthetic mind. They do the work of maintaining records etc. Archivists mainly work on the preservation of documents. They get jobs in places like museums, libraries and national archives. Historians do research and study and make their work available to people through publishing work. There is good earning in all these three areas which depends on the position, company, experience etc. This can be Rs 8 to 10 lakh or more per year.

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