This is the most expensive pen in the world, you will be shocked to hear the price

Most Expensive Pen: From school days till today, you must be using a pen somewhere or the other. But what is the highest price of a pen you have used till date? 100- 500 or a little more than that. But today we are going to tell you about such pens whose price will blow your mind. The cost of one of these pens is more than Rs 50 crore, let’s know about the most expensive pens in the world…

Fulgor Nocturnus (Fulgor Nocturnus)

A pen named Fulgor Nocturnus tops the list of most expensive pens in the world. Its price is 8 million dollars. If we talk about it in Indian currency then the price of this pen is more than Rs 65 crore. According to reports, this pen was sold for 8 million dollars in an auction in Shanghai in 2010. This pen is made of gold and black diamonds.

Boheme Royal

This pen is very expensive and it is made by luxury pen manufacturing company Montblanc. The Boehm Royal Pen is made of 18 karat white gold. At the same time, there are many diamonds on its upper part. The amount of this pen is said to be 1.5 million dollars. Talking in Indian currency, this pen is worth Rs 12 crore.

Aurora Diamante

Aurora Diamante is at third place in the list of expensive pens. This pen is also quite special. This pen is said to have a solid platinum barrel along with 30 carat diamonds. The price of this pen is 1.28 million dollars. Its price in Indian currency is more than Rs 10 crore.

1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen is made from 18 karat white gold. Several hundred diamonds are also embedded in this pen. This pen is worth one million dollars. Which is more than Rs 8 crore in Indian currency.

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