Most Indian students go to study in this country, see list

Indian Students in Foreign: Every year a large number of students from India turn to foreign countries for foreign studies. Today we will tell you which are the countries where Indian students like to go the most. According to the report of the Ministry of External Affairs for the year 2022, currently Indian students are getting education in a total of 78 countries. Whereas earlier this number was 79, but since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, students from Ukraine have returned to India.

According to the same report of the Ministry of External Affairs, about 13 lakh 24 thousand 954 students of India are studying abroad. All of them are doing different courses. According to the report, students like to go to America the most for studies. 4 lakh 65 thousand 791 students are studying in USA. After this the students turn towards Canada. 1 lakh 83 thousand 310 students from India are studying in Canada.

Good number of students in Australia and Saudi Arabia also

After USA and Canada comes United Arab Emirates where 1,64,000 are studying. Australia is also a favorite of Indian students, 1,00,009 are getting education here. Whereas, if we talk about Saudi Arabia, 65 thousand 800 Indian students are studying here. Whereas 55 thousand 465 students are getting education in United Kingdom.

Students returned from Ukraine

Ukraine was a very important country for Indian students to study medicine. But soon after the war between Russia and Ukraine started, the students from there were brought back to India. On the other hand, in China also a good number of students go to study medicine. However, relations between India and China are not very good. Apart from these countries, Indian students go to study in Switzerland, Sweden, Oman, Georgia, New Zealand, France, Germany.

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