How can one become an umpire? Know how much money do they get for standing in a match?

How to become an umpire in India: People fond of cricket want to join this field in many ways. Umpiring is one of them. If you also think about how to become a cricket umpire in India, what is the process, what is the eligibility required and is there any kind of test to be given for this. So today let’s look for answers to such questions.

First you have to pass the exam

To become a cricket umpire, one has to first pass a written examination. Those who pass it are called for the next stage i.e. practical and oral test. The candidate who clears all three stages gets appointment as an umpire. These tests are organized by the State Cricket Association and you have to start from here.

Starts from state level

There are no vacancies or advertisements for these. You have to stay in touch with your state cricket association and know the updates from time to time. Sometimes tests are conducted as per the need and selection takes place. When vacancies appear, fill them and appear in the examination. These are organized in every state and start from the state level itself.

It is not necessary to play cricket

To enter this field, it is not necessary that you have played cricket before but you should have complete knowledge of the game. You should know the 42 laws of cricket and all the other big and small rules. First, selection takes place at the state level and after selection, a four-five day certificate program is conducted depending on the state. This program is organized at most places. After this it is sent to the field for umpiring. After working here for a few years, you can apply for umpiring in BCCI.

Pass BCCI exam

Here exams have to be passed at two levels. First there is Level 1 exam and to appear in it you have to go through an internal screening process. You can give level one exam only after meeting certain standards. After this, a program similar to the Umpire Certification Program (conducted at the state level) is conducted for level one, which you have to complete. After doing this, a theory exam has to be given and it has to be passed.

After completing this, one year BCCI refresher course has to be done. After passing the refresher exam of BCCI, you can give Level 2 exam. However, the rules have changed a few years ago and the facility to give Level 2 exam without refresher program has been given. Passing the first level makes you eligible to move to the second level. After passing both the levels, they are appointed as BCCI umpires. Level 2 has to be cleared within 1 year of passing Level 1.

These qualities are important

To become an umpire, apart from liking cricket, you should have some qualities. While physical fitness is important, one should also have the power to concentrate for a long time. You should have a sharp eye on every ball and every shot. Despite being surrounded by so many players in the field, one must have the courage to remain confident and not be convinced by appeals.

It is also important to stand for a long time and not be affected by weather conditions. After the match the umpire has to give the match report. You should also have knowledge of this and apart from your umpiring, the match report is also the thing on the basis of which your work is judged.

How much do umpires earn?

Earning depends on where and with whom you are working. For example, umpires can earn up to Rs 40 lakh in the IPL season. There are categories of umpires in BCCI, A Plus, A and B type. They get salary accordingly. A+ category gets Rs 40,000 per day for first class game, B and C categories get Rs 30,000. The rest of the salary also depends on the level of the match, experience of the umpire etc.

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