If you are doing online course then increase your productivity like a regular student.

How to increase productivity in online classes: Sometimes doing online classes is a compulsion for some people and sometimes it is a choice. There is no doubt that there are many benefits of online classes but sometimes one has to face some problems also. Students are often seen complaining that they do not get the attention and benefits that regular students do. Here we are sharing some tricks with you, with the help of which you can get almost the same benefits from online classes as you get from regular classes.

Prepare like regular class

The first step to avail the benefits of online classes is to take it as seriously as regular classes. Prepare in advance and keep all the study material nearby so that you do not have to get up again and again for small and big things. Due to this, the rhythm gets broken and the content gets missed. Prepare for the class a day before and do complete preparation from what was taught to what will be taught.

avoid distractions

The biggest complaint that comes with online classes is distraction. Students often complain that while studying, they open other windows on their laptop or computer or their attention gets diverted. For this, keep all pop-ups and notifications closed. The place where you study should be clean, designed for study environment and free from any kind of distraction.

complete assignments on time

To achieve success here you will have to maintain discipline. Complete the given tasks on time and properly. Take breaks only when given breaks. From making notes to submitting assignments on time, do all the work seriously. Do not miss any class and wherever you have any doubt, ask it on the spot.

Self assessment is best

Know where you stand in class. Keep teaching yourself and do not depend only on the teacher. It is not right to drag yourself beyond one level in competition but healthy competition will take you forward. Keep giving tests etc. from time to time (outside of class) so that you know where you stand.

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