Time management is very important to get success in UGC NET exam, these tips can help.

UGC NET 2023 Time Management Tips: Time management plays an important role in achieving success in any examination. Many times it happens with the candidates that they know the answers but due to lack of time the paper is sometimes not completed and sometimes many questions go wrong. Along with other preparations, time management is such a quality that if mastered, it becomes easy to get success in the exam. Today we talk about what is the role of time management in the preparation of UGC NET exam and how it can be achieved.

First understand the pattern

There are two papers in this examination. The first paper i.e. Paper One has 50 questions and Paper Two has 100 questions. A total of 150 questions have to be answered. These are of 300 marks and +3 marks are given for every correct answer and marks are not deducted for wrong answers. The duration of the paper is three hours or 180 minutes. Within this time a paper of 150 marks has to be solved.

Give exam like this

The first thing necessary for time management is to give the exam in a paper based environment i.e. to practice. See, UGC NET is a CBT i.e. computer based exam, in which answers have to be given on computer. Candidates generally practice offline and are not familiar with this method. To get success, it is important that you give mock tests in CBT mode only. Many websites online will provide you this facility, in some places there will be very little charge and in others there will be no charge.

divide the paper

Divide the time you have and the number of questions you have to answer in that time. Decide how long to stay in which part and after this time is over, do anything and come to the next part. Many times candidates give so much time to some parts that the rest of the paper is missed. Avoid this and learn to manage time for each part while giving mock tests and follow this trick on the day of main paper also.

do whatever comes first

There are many questions in the paper which may not take you much time or may take less time. First solve such parts and keep the questions which will take time for the end. Try to complete the part that comes first as quickly and as much as possible. Also, keep marking the questions so that later you do not have to run from here to there to find out which answers were given and which ones were left out. Practice hard and solve sample papers.

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