New guidelines issued in Rajasthan, coaching institutes will not make the results of assessment test public

In view of the increasing incidents of suicide of students in Kota, which is known for coaching hub, the government of Rajasthan state has taken an important decision. Taking the decision for the welfare of the students, the government has said that students before class 9th will not be admitted in coaching centres. Also, the coaching centers must have taken care that there is no mental pressure on the students.

These guidelines have been given by the state government for the regulation of coaching institutes running in various cities of the state. According to the instructions, the coaching center will give one and a half day leave in a week to the students. Keep the ratio of children and teachers correct. Also, there should not be any kind of discrimination at the centre.

Rajasthan government had constituted a 15-member committee under the chairmanship of Education Secretary Bhavani Singh Detha. After which guidelines have now been issued. The committee was formed in consultation with coaching institutes and stakeholders following the increasing cases of student suicide in Kota, the center of coaching institutes for competitive examinations.

Follow the refund policy

Apart from this, coaching center operators have also been asked not to make public the results of the assessment test. Keeping the results of these examinations confidential, do regular analysis at your level and counsel those children who are continuously getting low marks and whose academic performance is continuously falling. Teachers of the institutions have been asked not to discriminate in any way on the basis of academic performance of the students. Along with this, emphasis has also been laid on adopting refund policy.

Try to reduce stress

The government has also asked the District Collector and Superintendent of Police to ensure that the guidelines are followed in the coaching institutes. According to statistics, 23 students have committed suicide in Kota this year, which is the highest number so far. Last year this figure was 15. On behalf of the Chief Secretary, it has been said that it is necessary to make every possible effort to reduce the unwanted stress of studies among children. So that they do not take wrong steps due to frustration and disappointment.

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