There will be a lot of money pouring into these jobs next year! Make preparations from now and earn big money…

High Salary Jobs Of 2024: The way India’s economy is growing, it is expected that it can become the third largest economy in the world in the coming years i.e. by the year 2025-26. In such a situation, many more options will be available here, from job opportunities to good salary jobs. Demand for skilled workers will also increase and those doing good work will also get good money. If we make an estimate based on a lot of research and reports, there are some fields in which good earnings can be made in the coming years. Know the list of such fields.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Both these are fields in which the demand for capable people is going to increase in the coming time. The coming time is of data, hence the demand for people who can handle, manage and secure it will increase in the industry. Therefore, if you are interested in this field, then you can prepare yourself to go into fields like Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics. The field of IT comes at the top of this list. Candidates here will be able to easily earn Rs 10 to 25 lakh per year.

Business Analysts and Management Consultants

With the growth of things like international business, cross culture management, global supply chain management, the demand for management consultants is increasing a lot. They are needed in every field from e-commerce to digital marketing. Similarly, the demand for business analysts is increasing to make long term strategies for an organization. One can earn Rs 10 to 30 lakh per year in this field.

investment banker

Investment banking services are going to be needed a lot in the coming days. Since India is also becoming people’s choice for foreign investment, there is a demand for them. Those who have knowledge of specific fields like M&A, private equity, venture capital etc., get more attention. There is good money in this sector since the beginning. Rs 15 to 50 lakh can be earned here in a year.

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