What is the school dress like in Pakistan? Is it mandatory to wear hijab and burqa there?

India and Pakistan became independent together, but today there is a lot of difference between the two countries. Actually, many rules have been made in Pakistan regarding a particular religion whereas there is nothing like this in India. For this reason the systems of India and Pakistan are quite different. In such a situation, today let us talk about the schools of Pakistan and try to know how the education there is different and what are the rules regarding school uniform. Many people in India have questions in their minds as to what kind of uniforms are there in the schools there and what rules have been set for girl students. So let us know the answers to all these questions…

What do children wear to school?

There are different uniform codes in schools of Pakistan. Just like in India, only shirt pants or T-shirt pants are the uniform in schools, similarly in Pakistan it is not so. Here, the color and design of the uniform in private and government schools may be different, but the uniform in schools consists of pants, shirt etc. In some schools in Pakistan, shirt, pants etc. are the uniform, but in many schools kurta-pajama etc. are part of the uniform. Along with this, the debate continues between these two uniforms and people advocate different uniforms.

debate in pakistan kurta pajamas

According to Pakistani media, in most of the private schools of Pakistan, shirt-pants are the uniform, whereas in government schools, kurta-pajama is a part of the school uniform. In such a situation, many children like to wear shirts and pants to look different from government school students and children like to dress up wearing shirts and pants. But, some parents and children consider kurta-pajama as a part of culture and associate it with religion and prefer to wear it in school also.

Are there any rules regarding hijab etc.?

Recently in Pakistan, private school owners were asked by the government to ensure that Quran is taught in schools. Along with this, the Education Minister had also said that now there is a need for change in the uniform and if this rule is implemented then cap for boys and scarf or scarf for girls will become mandatory in the dress. However, it is also being said that this will be necessary only for those times when Quran is taught.

There are rules for teachers too

There are rules regarding clothes for children as well as teachers. According to the Federal Directorate of Education, female teachers are prohibited from wearing tight clothes and jeans in schools. Now teachers will also have to take special care of personal hygiene, haircut, beard trimming, nail cutting etc.

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