If you want to get a job in Canada then follow this step by step process, you will get salary in lakhs.

How To Get Job In Canada: Every year a large number of Indians go to Canada to study and work. The salary and other facilities available there make it a great place to work. Apart from salary, the employees here also get many benefits, seeing which people do not want to miss the opportunity of getting a job here. However, to get a job, you have to follow the complete process and it depends on many things that you will get the job, when, how, where and how much salary you will get. Broadly speaking these step by step processes can be followed.

Language skills are important

Mainly two languages ​​are spoken in Canada, English and French. If you are thinking of a job here, then start learning French as soon as possible. This will give you preference in job. Also, when you go there and communicate in this language or in French during an online interview, your impression will be good.

Create CV according to Canadian employer

The first step to get a job is to search for a job. For this, make a CV which the companies there find attractive. Also keep in mind that do not use the same CV everywhere. Send the CV only after making necessary changes as per the company, position etc.

Knowledge of local culture and history will be beneficial

Apart from language, this is another point whose knowledge makes it easier to get a job. With this, you are able to connect with the audience there and if you behave as per the requirement of the region, the company starts paying attention to you.

Networking helps

Networking helps to get a job here. Stay in touch with people and keep making cold calls after sending your resume for a job. That means keep asking people about it whether there is any update or whether someone has been appointed to that position or some other update.

The Government of Canada uses a tool for job search which is called Job Bank. You can search for jobs through this. Many connections can be found from other social media also.

Get a good salary

If we talk about the most popular jobs in Canada, it is civil engineering. Mechanical engineers also get good money. Talking about average salary, it depends on many things but one can earn Rs 10 to 40 lakh per year. After gaining experience, the salary can reach up to Rs 50-52 lakh per year.

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