Now Indian doctors will be able to practice abroad, will treat here including US, Australia

Indian Medical Graduates Can Practice In Foreign Countries: There is big news for Indian doctors. Now they can practice not only in the country but also on foreign soil. With the degree here, they will be able to treat patients in other countries like US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This development happened when the Indian Medical Commission (NMC) got recognition from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). This will further increase the standard of medical education in our country and Indian doctors will also get an opportunity to work at the global level.

All medical colleges will get benefit

This recognition has been given to the National Medical Commission for ten years. This means that all 706 medical colleges in India have got the recognition of WFME and whatever new medical colleges will open in the country, they will automatically get recognition. This can be availed for ten years.

Students will also get this benefit

This recognition also has the advantage that all Indian students can apply for the Education Commission of Foreign Medical Education and the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Due to this, students from abroad will also come to study in India because with the degree here, they can work outside.

Recognition does not come easily

Know that this recognition from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) is not easily obtained. This accreditation is not given unless medical institutions maintain the highest international standards of education and training. With this, the level of education in India will also increase and India will get a new identity at the global level.

The team visits

According to PTI report, each medical college has to pay a fee of Rs 4,98,5142 ($60,000) in the WFME recognition process. It is on this money that his team visits here and other expenses including their stay are covered.

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