Learned from the mistakes made in the first attempt, Shriya passed the UPSC exam in the second attempt.

Success Story of Shriya Gupta: UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams not only in the country but in the world. While preparing for this exam, the candidate learns a lot from his experiences. Today we will tell you the story of one such officer who learned from the mistakes he made in his first attempt and became an exam topper in the second attempt. We are talking about IRS officer Shriya. Who passed UPSC CSE exam in the year 2015 and chose IRS service on the basis of rank.

Shriya tells that her first mistake was that she was too confident for Pre. She paid full attention to the Mains exam because she felt that she would pass the pre-exam easily. But in the first attempt, she did not give the proper attention to the exam and Shriya was not selected in the pre-exam by 0.3 marks. Due to which he was very disappointed. The second big mistake he made while preparing for the exam was that he did not revise properly. She believes that there is so much studying in prelims that revision is difficult, but she has seen candidates who used to revise five to seven times. This is the only way to succeed in Pre.

don’t be disappointed

But in her next attempt she corrected her mistakes and appeared in the examination once again. In which he achieved success. She tells that she was extremely nervous on the day of the interview. She advises that candidates should avoid this. The candidate should be proud of the fact that he has reached here after hard work. She says that if a candidate is not selected even after giving 100 percent, then he should not be disappointed, he can try his hand in some other field.

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