Indians do most of these jobs in Canada, in many the salaries exceed Rs 50 lakh.

Jobs for Indians in Canada: When it comes to jobs abroad among Indians, Canada stands out as a country where most of the candidates want to go. This country is considered safe, with facilities and a good option for jobs. There are some reasons behind this that candidates want to go here for job. Although Indians work in many fields here, there are some fields in which only those who have completed their education from Canada can enter.

Broadly speaking, to work in Canada, taking higher education there and getting a job there is a good option. In such a situation, you have to put in less effort and the companies there also give preference.

What is the process?

If we talk about the process of getting a job in Canada, then keep a few things in mind.

First of all, create a good professional resume. The cover letter should also be very good. Make changes in the resume according to the company and post and do not send the same resume everywhere. Attach documents of previous job and give pay slip for salary evidence. If there is recommendation and accreditation letter then it will be easier to get a job. Networking helps a lot in getting a job in Canada. Go to the right source and apply for jobs on the Canadian portal. Know all the formalities and documents and only then apply by attaching all the documents following the correct process. Keep trying for the job by keeping in mind things like resume matching Canadian standards, proper tracking of emails (sometimes the resume does not reach the employer), consistent efforts, cold calls, etc.

These are in highest demand

If we talk about the most popular jobs in Canada, it is civil engineering. They also get good money. However, for a good salary, one should have at least five years of working experience in the prescribed post. In the rest of Canada, Indians mostly do these jobs.

financial analyst

structural engineer

Business Development and Marketing Executive

Accounting Technician and Bookkeeper

Data Science Consultant

Research Assistant

registered nurse

mechanical engineer

How do you get salary?

Salary mainly depends on your experience, degree and company etc. Here mechanical engineers, research assistants, secondary school teachers etc. get good salaries. If we talk about average salary, one can earn anywhere between Rs 10 lakh to Rs 50 lakh per year. Electrical engineers get a salary of up to Rs 51 lakh per year. Although it depends on many factors.

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