NMC gets recognition from WFME for 10 years, know how it will benefit MBBS students

NMC Recognition From WFME: The National Medical Commission (NMC) under the Union Health Ministry has received recognition from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) for the next 10 years. This achievement at the global level within four years of the establishment of NMC will greatly benefit the medical students of the country as well as the medical institutions. In this regard, NMC Media Division Head and Ethics Medical Registration Board member Dr. Yogendra Malik also spoke to NBT. He said that NMC has set higher standards in medical education and has made necessary changes keeping in mind the global needs. India’s medical education and system has been appreciated globally and this international recognition will increase opportunities for Indian students.

Now the number of students coming to India from other countries will also increase.
According to Malik, now Indian students can go to any corner of the world and make their career, and the number of students coming to India from other countries will also increase. Many positive changes come after getting recognition at the global level. Now MoUs will also be signed with many countries. Malik also said that the number of medical colleges in India has increased in the last few years. This is the reason why seats have also increased at MBBS and PG level. Indian scientists have also achieved many feats in the field of research. Be it Covid vaccine or supplying medicines to other countries, India has worked in the field of health considering the entire world as one family. He said that this prestigious recognition is a testament to NMC’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards in medical education.

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Now all 706 medical colleges in India will get recognition from WFME.
After this decision, all 706 existing medical colleges in India will get recognition from WFME and new medical colleges to be established in the coming 10 years will automatically get recognition from WFME. This recognition will further boost the quality and standards of medical education in India by aligning it with world best practices and benchmarks. This step will help MBBS students to pursue PG and practice in other countries. Also, now Indian medical colleges and professionals will also get international recognition from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand etc.

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