NCVT MIS ITI COPA Syllabus Download 2018 – You can check your NCVT ITI COPA Syllabus for all the semester. NCVT COPA (Computer Operator and Programming Assistant) is given below.

The List of the Subjects for NCVT ITI COPA :-

  1. Computer components and Windows Operating System
  2. Computer Hardware basics and Software Installation
  3. Familiarization with DOS CLI & Linux Operating Systems
  4. Using Word Processing Software
  5. Using Spread Sheet Application
  6. Image editing, Creating presentations & Using Open Office
  7. Database Management
  8. Configuring and Using Networks
  9. Internet Concepts
  10. Designing Static Web Pages
  11. Project Work

Detailed Syllabus for Every Subject NCVT ITI COPA :-

The detailed syllabus for NCVT MIS COPA is given below :-

Computer components and Windows Operating System :-

  • Disassembling, Identification of components and Reassembling a
    Desktop computer.
  • Managing files and folders, using removable drives.
  • Familiarization with Windows O.S desktop, using icons,buttons and
    customizing the desktop.
  • Viewing system properties and control panel details.Viewing and
    setting environmental variables.
  • Working with MS Paint

Computer Hardware basics and Software Installation :-

  • Viewing the BIOS and changing the Boot order.
  • Identify and rectify common hardware and software issues.
  • Formatting the hard disk and loading O.S and necessary application
  • Installation of DVD, using different types of hard disks.
  • Bluetooth Configuration, DVD writing techniques

Familiarization with DOS CLI & Linux Operating Systems :-

  • Using basic DOS commands for directory listing, folder and file management etc.
  • Using Basic Linux commands for directory listing, folder and file file management, password etc.
  • Using the Linux graphical user interface for file and folder management, exploring the system etc.

Using Word Processing Software :-

  • Familiarization with the Word window components.
  • Creating, saving and editing documents using Word.
  • Inserting and formatting tables and other objects.
  • Using templates,auto correct tools, macrosand the mail merge tool.
  • Typing practice using open source typing tutor tools.
  • Working with Page layout settings and printing documents.
  • Practice of using shortcut keys.

Using Spread Sheet Application :-

  • Creating, Saving and Formatting Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Using Absolute and Relative referencing, linking sheets, Conditional formatting etc.
  • Using Excel functions of all major categories.
  • Creating and formatting charts.
  • Using various data types in Excel, Sorting, filtering and validating data
  • Importing &Exporting Excel Data.
  • Modifying Excel Page setup and printing.
  • Performing data analysis using “what if” tools.
  • Simple projects using Excel & Word.

Image editing, Creating presentations & Using Open Office :-

  • Use of windows and open source image editing software like Open Office Draw, GIMP, Irfan View or a similar tool.
  • Creating Slide shows, Inserting objects.
  • Animating Slide transitions and Objects.
  • Creating a simple presentation project using Open Office.
  • Working with Open Office for word processing and spreadsheet application.

Database Management :-

  • Creating database and design a simple tables in Access.
  • Enforcing Integrity Constraints and modify the properties of tables and fields.
  • Creating Relationships and join tables.
  • Creating Form and Creating simple queries with various criteria and calculations.
  • Creating Simple update, append, make table, delete and cross tab
  • Modifying forms design with controls, events. and macros
  • Importing and exporting data to and from Access.
  • Compressing and Encrypting databases

Configuring and Using Networks

  • Viewing Network connections.
  • Familiarization with various Network devices, Connectors and Cables.
  • Connecting a computer to a network and sharing of Devices, files and Folders.
  • Configuring Hub and Switch.
  • IP Addressing and Subnetfor IPV4 / IPV6,Masking, pinging to test
  • Setting up and configuring LAN in a Computer Lab as peer to peer network.
  • Setting up video conferencing.
  • Setting up a DHCP server / Proxy Server with firewall.
  • Using various tools for computer maintenance, Network security

Internet Concepts

  • Creating and using e – mail for communication.
  • Browsing the Internet for information.
  • Communication using video and Text chatting and social networking sites.
  • Identifying various threats to the system connected to the net.
  • Introduction to WWW, Concept of Internet, internet servers, Web Browsers and search engines.
  • Introduction to video chatting , Concepts of Domain naming Systems and E mail communication.
  • Protecting the computer against various internet threats.
  • Configure Outlook, mail service in mobile phones. Using tools like Google Plus

Designing Static Web Pages :-

  • Designing simple web pages with text, pictures, tables,lists, hyperlinks, frames, marquees etc. using HTML tags.
  • Designing Web Pages with Forms and Form Controls using HTML tags.
  • Creating Web Pages using CSS.
  • Using WYSIWYG web design tools to design and edit web pages with various styles.

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